The Junebug Project


The Jungbug

They are such unassuming little things, easily overlooked, unseen underfoot. Some of us pay them no mind other than uttering an occasional “eewwww!” when they catch our attention. But what if they were a representative of big juju, big power…even big spirituality. Would that make our encounters with them any less creepy, or frightening? We hope so.

Perhaps the most profound lesson the Junebug shares with us is the lesson of transformation and adaptation. They engage in metamorphosis for development and growth. From egg to adult, they are a marvel of transformation illustrated in a short lifetime. They go through these revolutionary transformations with aplomb, very nonchalantly and matter-of-factly. Junebugs embrace the flow of life and all its transitions without question. They embrace to change.

join us. share a meal. start a conversation.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental, emotional or physical health we invite you as our guest to our farm for an afternoon of healing. Enjoy meal, safe conversation or just a place to be peaceful.

Join us the last Saturday of every month 3pm - 7:30pm. Open to the public at no charge. Space is limited to fifteen guests. If you need transportation to and from contact 970.390.4227 to make arrangements.

Symbolic Meaning and Life-Lessons of the JUNEBUG

♦  Strength in numbers (community)

♦  Value of being rooted (family)

♦  Employing pragmatism and strategy in solving problems (mentality)

♦  Mindfulness about what we are putting out in our environment (consciousness)

♦  Taking stock of thoughts and cleaning out the ones that don’t serve us (the bug mind)

♦  The importance of accepting transitions and embracing inevitable change (metamorphosis)

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