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Living a Healthy, Holistic Life.

Healing Journey


Join us for this two-day workshop. This model is a right brain, circular, holistic, strengths based model developed by Phillip Whiteman Jr. and Lynette Two Bulls. In this Wellness Workshop participants will learn how our traumas affect our lives today and how to address, and overcome our self-defeating behaviors. They will be taught healing concepts and exercises that can assist in their journey to Living a Healthy, Holistic Life. The workshop will utilize the Horse to help people heal. Call 970.390.4227 for more information.

$325.00 includes organic lunch

Saturday August 24rd —Understanding the MWM —9am to 4pm Traditional Welcome Prayer, Overview of training, Introduction of Participants (circle), Foundation of the Medicine Wheel Model, Linear/Circular/Place of Origin, How Trauma Affects Our Life, Film: Shadow Effect, Group Discussion and Closing Prayer. 

Sunday August 25th —Living a Healthy Holistic Life, Moving out of the Trauma —10am to 4pm Traditional Opening Prayer and Remarks, Recap of Day One, Moving out of the Trauma, Recognizing Self Defeating Behaviors, Staying “Centered” in Out of Control situations, Centering exercises, Wellness Mind, Body, & Spirit, Nurturing our Spirit and focusing on life, Horse Nation brings us healing and closing prayer. 

Lynette Two Bulls and Phillip Whiteman Jr., live on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. Phillip is a hereditary Chief of the Cheyenne Nation and Lynette is Oglala Lakota. They are Nationally Renowned Horseman, Cultural Consultants, Performing Artists and International Presenters. Lynette and Phillip have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe sharing their knowledge with people of all ages and from all walks of life. They have a self produced an award winning CD “Spirit Seeker” which includes traditional stories and songs. Phillip was inducted into the All Indian Hall of Fame, is a First Peoples Fund Fellow and has recently been profiled in the Western Horseman Magazine. They have a strong traditional upbringing, knowledge of their culture, gift of communicating with people, and healing connection to horses. This model not only works with the physical and mental, but with the spirit of the horse and human.

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Join us for this 2-day workshop and explore the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection for optimal health and wellness. All physical, mental, and emotional issues are interconnected, an issue in one area effects the rest. Learning how symptoms that manifest physically are very often caused by imbalances in our energetic body, our hearts and our minds. To truly heal holistically, one must address and nurture one’s entire being. When the body, mind and spirit are integrated— the spirit of vitality rises and disease retreats.

$260 includes organic lunch

Saturday September 14 —Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy —9am to 3pm Learning, understanding, and exploring your chakra system while using ritual, intention and the energy tools of Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy - aromatherapy infused with 5 elements of powerful and effective energy work. Kat will share her philosophy on becoming more aware of our own energetic imbalances to help us step into our power and create a ripple effect that can help us do our part to heal the world.”

Sunday September 15 —Somatic Experiencing and Archetypal patterns —10am to 3pm  Understanding of the body’s energy system and the integration of your breath, brain and nervous system through Somatic Experiencing and the universal archetypal patterns we operate from.

Kat Taylor is an energy worker, chakra guide, and the founder of Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy :: http://kailo-wellness.com
Brigette Schabdach is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Qigong instructor and founder of 4Winds.




taiji sheng gong

August 24 - 25 and October 26 - 27

Taiji Shen Gong is a very rich and expansive form of qigong. An original form of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Taiji Shen Gong is a system of qigong composed of three sections; Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. According to Master Li Junfeng, this arrangement demonstrates the history of the universe. One aspect has a very clear purpose: to elevate your Shen, your “spirit.” No prior experience of qigong or taijiquan is necessary to learn either form.   

Instructor: Joel Proctor

9am - 4:30pm
Limited to 15 students. Lunch is provided

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Healing Qigong I + II

July 6 - 7, August 3 - 4 and September 7 -8

This restorative Medical Qigong
blends an ancient healing tradition
with ten meditative movements in each set. practiced while seated on a chair or in standing form, to reduce stress, strengthen vital energy, and improve health at all levels. The underlying purpose of this practice is to open the heart, strengthen the body, and calm the mind.

Instructors: Brigette Schabdach
and Joel Proctor

9am - 4:30pm
Limited to 25 students. Lunch is provided

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July 20 - 21 and September 28 -29

This powerful and effective traditional qigong exercise set increases the flow of qi to the internal organs healing internal injury and illness. It balances yin and yang, harmonizes and nourishes the internal organs and strengthens the bodies ability to heal and boosts the immune system.

This 1000 year old qigong set can be practiced by people of all ages and physical conditions. Two sets will be taught, both the sitting and standing forms. The focus of the workshop will be on learning the routines and on understanding the theory and root principals of each exercise. The 5 Regulations, 3 Treasures, 9 Pearls, relaxation and qi-permeating techniques, and versatile warm-up routine will also be presented.

Instructor: Joel Proctor

9am - 4:30pm
Limited to 15 students. Lunch is provided


Joel Proctor, , L.Ac. MS, Co-Founder 4Winds and Founder Mystic Warrior School
Joel has studied with many respected martial arts teachers and masters in the martial and cultivation arts for over 40 years. He founded the Mystic Warrior School of Integrative Arts. He mainly teaches the arts of qigong, taiji (tai chi), and shaolin five animal gongfu. The indigenous forms of these, especially the philosophical, cosmological, healing/cultivation arts, and spiritual perspective, is shared as well. He has a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and has been a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado since 2000.

Brigette Schabdach, Somatic Experiencing Therapist (SE), Qigong Practitioner and Co-Founder 4Winds
Brigette is a Somatic Experiencing Therapist. She graduated from The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in Boulder Colorado founded by Peter A. Levine, PhD in 2013. Learn more about Somatic Experience Therapy at https://traumahealing.org. She is a certified Sheng Zhen Qigong Practitioner and student of Master Li Junfeng. She has been practicing, studying and teaching for over 10 years. https://shengzhen.org. In her SE therapy sessions she incorporates qigong, archetypal behavior patterns and works deeply with the bodies chakra system.

Master Li Junfeng head coach of the Chinese National Wushu Team and the world-renowned Beijing Wushu Team, which won multiple gold medals and produced successful athletes, including martial arts star Jet Li. In 1995, he gave up his coaching position and film career to devote his life to sharing Sheng Zhen Qigong with the world. https://shengzhen.org

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